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General-Purpose Programmable Evolution Machine on a Chip (EVOPROG)

This is the website of the EVOPROG consortium (funded by EU FP7 FET PROACTIVE under contract agreement #610730). We aim at programming phage and bacteria to compute our combinatorial optimisation algorithms by constructing and using a high-throughput droplet device for the directed evolution of biomolecules de novo, integrating for the first time in silico and in vivo evolution. For this, we will develop a general-purpose 3D biochip utilizing computational and fluidics automation which could also be applied to perform in vivo molecular biology operations in high-throughput (including time-dependent characterisations of gene expression levels using fluorescent proteins).

See the rise of the Evoprog Machines by clicking HERE


Preliminary prototype of the current accelerated evolution machine. The setup has multi-bioreactor interconnected, temperature and flow rate controlled.

Click here for pictures about our past summer school

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